Clover Services Group Launches Support Desk Training Solutions to Their Customers

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Clover Services Group Launches Support Desk Training Solutions to Their Customers

This New Training Program Will Empower Customer Support Teams to Better Triage Tech Calls

Chicago, Ill. November 12, 2018 - Clover Services Group, the leader in providing business services and solutions for all facets of the imaging industry, has announced the release of its latest training service product. The new addition to their TechLink training service helps their customer's technical support staff to identify and rectify common problems associated with printer, copier, and toner-related problems reducing the number of technician dispatches for commonly experienced and easily solved problems that can be handled with the customer over the phone. 

It is estimated that almost one-quarter of tech-related problems in a company occur due to problems with a printer, copier, or their accessories. “These problems often result in calls for tech support dispatch that can take up to three hours or longer to arrive. In many cases, the technicians arrive to service printers for such things as paper jams or simple maintenance issues,” said Chris Sinibaldi SVP TechLink Service and Training. “When problems are more complicated a tech may have to return to the service center or wait another day to order parts that are needed which can result in a significant amount of lost time and money for both the end consumer and the servicing company.”

The new training system aids printer and copier service companies in reducing the number of technician dispatches by providing inside technical support staff with the knowledge they need to walk the caller through solutions for the most common problems associated with their various machines. It also allows them to prepare technicians when a dispatch is necessary by troubleshooting the problem in advance. The new program is currently run by lead trainer Ron Dille who has 39 years experience in the imaging industry as both a service tech and a service manager. He brings with him his certification in both HP and Lexmark printers as well as the skills he learned using the system to train four of Clover's current OEM customers. 

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